Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cincinnati Insurance Company v. Rotoworks International Limited et al

Arkansas Western District Court. Insurance. Filed: December 26, 2007. Plaintiff: Cincinnati Insurance Company Defendant: Rotoworks International Limited, Grassworks!!! LLC, Grassworks USA, LLC, Robert D. Umberson, Linda K.

Homeowners Insurance Quotes: Tips For Getting The Best Ones

Once you have found the home that you would like to buy and have begun the process of closing on the house, you will need to begin searching for a Homeowners insurance policy that meets your needs and your budget.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Have You Got The Cheapest Uk Mortgage Protection Insurance Available?

If you are thinking of taking out a UK mortgage protection insurance policy alongside your mortgage then do remember that you don?t have to buy it when you take out your mortgage.

Life Insurance: It-s Dead Boring

The author looks into why you should consider taking out a life insurance policy and what types of policies are available. Technorati Tags: life, insurance, policy, level, term.

Travel insurance

Key pros and cons of travel insurance Pros - Taking out travel insurance is really an essential - especially if you are going abroad Cons - It can be difficult to compare like with like when looking at different policies - Travel agents ...

Getting Health Insurance When You Run A Business From Home

One of the main concerns of people running their own business out of their home is health insurance.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Term Life Insurance Premiums are The Cheapest Form Of Life ...

Term life insurance premium is the cheapest form of life insurance available and that could be reason why most people consider it as their chosen life insurance policy.

You Know You Gotta Do It: How to read an Insurance Policy And ...

The structure of a policy is usually very confusing, and they are loaded with special definitions. Fortunately, most insurance contracts share a similar structure.

Insurance Business Systems Analyst (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)

FreshJobs.comInsurance Business Systems AnalystJob Location:Bethlehem, PAJob Type: Full-TimeJob Description:Guardian Life Insurance, a premier provider of personal insurance and financial services, seeks highly organized professionals ...

Senior Analyst Programmer - Life Insurance (1-year Contract)

Title: Senior Analyst Programmer - Life Insurance (1-year Contract); Company name: BLUE CROSS (ASIA-PACIFIC) INSURANCE LIMITED; Qualification: University / College; Experience: 6 years; Work Location: HK - Kowloon; Date: 25-OCT-07.

Getting an Insurance

We never know what might happen to us in the coming days.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

(R-67) State's Top Insurance Watchdog Admits:

Consumers Will Pay Higher Rates if R-67 is Approved Insurance Commissioner, Office of Financial Management and 'Nationally Respected' Actuarial Firm Predict Higher Insurance Costs for Washington Families & Businesses Contradicting the ...

All Star Insurance agency license will be revoked

I know I'm a few months late on this one, but after reading the article by Joshua Stowe: I was so angry I wanted to add my comment. As an Insurance Agent, let me tell you, this kind of story really bothers me.

Insurance for bookdealers...

I decided a while ago that it was time to reconsider what I was doing with insurance for the company and began collecting information on the various options.

Insurance Co: Gay-Friendly Church a "Higher Risk" Property

A branch of The United Church of Christ in Adrian, Michigan was recently solicited by an insurance company, asking if they wanted an insurance quote.

Understanding the Ugly Truth: Health Insurance

The problem is that people do not understand the problem. People don’t understand the modern business model of health insurance corporations, even the "non-profit" (cough cough choke choke) ones.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

General Insurance Prudential Framework update

APRA has extended the closing date for submissions on its Discussion Paper on Refinements to the General Insurance Prudential Framework to 28 September 2007.

Auto Insurance Company. Brooke Corporation To Transfer Ownership ...

Auto Insurance Company Brooke Corporation To Transfer Ownership Of Two Private Company ...

Getting Ready for Reform : Insurance Coverage and Access to and ...

In April 2006, Massachusetts enacted a health care reform bill that seeks to move the state to (almost) universal coverage through a combination of Medicaid expansions, subsidized private health insurance coverage, and insurance reforms ...

Insurance patent

Insurance patent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Under some patent laws, patents may be obtained for insurance-related inventions.

Universalna Insurance Reports 1H Results

August 7, 2007 Universalna Insurance (SKUN: HOLD) released official 1H figures yesterday showing ...

Pet Insurance

Article Title: Pet Insurance Author: Terry King It seems that the cost of treatment at the vets seems to be getting more expensive with every year that passes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wind Insurance bill blowing down party line

Congress is scrambling to deal with the legislative aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Dec 5, China’s Insurance Industry Report 2006

Insurance Industry report 2006 analysis the demand and supply situation of the industry,competition and development trend;China’s policy, assess risks in investing;Data from SDRC,SSB,BOC.


The state of Florida REQUIRES Insurance Companies to offer REDUCED RATES for certain Hurricane resistant features. Wind Mitigation Inspections are a valuable inspection service that may reduce your windstorm insurance.

FEMA: Clearing The Muddied Waters On Flood Insurance

July 3, 2007 -- "I would like to correct some of the information on flood insurance and flood maps from the series of articles that recently appeared in the Press-Register.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The San Diego Union-Tribune on State-mandated health insurance

SHOULD STATES REQUIRE RESIDENTS TO BUY HEALTH CARE INSURANCE?, is a very interesting question. I would say “YES!” but only and until health insurance financing reform is passed that includes:.

Insurance company denies compensation

Insurance company Lansforsakringar states compensation, for the largest forest fire in Sweden in decades, should be paid by the forest owners’ organization.

Insurance Companies Suck Too I filed a formal com...

Insurance Companies Suck Too I filed a formal complaint with our insurance company (Lovelace Health) on Dr. Jerk Rheumatologist in hopes that they would actually look into it. Of course, I was wrong.

Insurance cover for TADA Judge Kode

The Maharashtra government has sanctioned a personal insurance cover of Rs 25 lakh for PD Kode.


The hail storm of April 2006 created signifcant damage to the greater Indianapolis area. Specifically the Geist area was hit hard and there are documented reports of golf ball size hail!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Insurance Relief ~ Wind pool extended at least to waterway

SC Insurance Director Scott Richardson expanded the wind pool to the Intracoastal Waterway - and beyond in some areas - on Wednesday, the second expansion in three months aiming to ease the coast’s insurance crisis.

Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known About Family Health ...

Family health insurance, as with individual health insurance, can be categorized as either indemnity (fee-for-service) or managed care health insurance.

Is there a liability insurance or such in effect for e-commerce?

Ambitious1, asked this question in response to the resourse article Liability Insurance for Your Small Business . Message Edited by mod-moose on 05-08-2007 11:23 PM.

Brit Insurance sells off majority stake in RI3K

BRIT Insurance realises £8.2m gain after reducing stake in internet insurance trading service to 20%.

Common Life Insurance Terms

Have you ever found yourself totally confused about a certain life insurance term? You're not alone, we all have at one time or another. Well, here is a quick guide in understanding many of the common life insurance terms.

Health Insurance = Life Insurance ?

In my course of work, I have often come across clients who claim they have insurance. It is the first intuitive response of most people to say this when they meet an adviser.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Money for Your Life: Determining Your Life Insurance Need

Life is priceless. But if you're purchasing life insurance, a financial value needs to be assigned to it. How do you determine how much your life is worth in dollars to the family you'll leave behind?

Texans’ Steep Health Insurance Premiums Should Entitle Them to ...

Texas physicians believe patients need accurate, current, and honest information on copays, deductibles, and health plan networks to make decisions about their health care.

Cheap Car Insurance Rate

cheap car insurance rate. Our website covers all the basics of cheap car insurance rate - from beginning to end. We have gathered these resources to help you vehicle insurance quote as soon as possible.


Can i pay an insurance premium and receive a bond(s) that way?

Cheap Life Insurance Policy

cheap life insurance policy. Compare House Owner Insurancecompare house owner insuranceIf you long for an amazing compare house owner insurance , you have come to the right place.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wiener Staedtische enters Turkish insurance market with purchase ...

"Wiener Staedtische enters Turkish insurance market with purchase of Ray Sigorta VIENNA (AFX) - Wiener Staedtische (Vienna Insurance Group) said it will enter the Turkish insurance market by purchasing a majority stake in Ray Sigorta." ...

Former Insurance Agent Faces 52 Felony Counts

A trial continues Monday in Waukesha for a woman who's on trial for more than 100 felonies involving identity theft.

Diocese Fights Insurance Firm Re: CSA Claims

The Pueblo Catholic Diocese is fighting an insurance company's contention it has no obligation to provide coverage to the diocese for lawsuits of men who claim they were sexually abused by a Catholic school teacher.

Mortgage Insurance Representative - 07002857

Mortgage Insurance Representative - 07002857 Citigroup Frederick MD 20847.

The Insurance Claim

The Insurance Claim Dear Sir: I am writing in response to your request for additional information in Block #3 of the accident reporting form.

Business Insurance

Blackfriars specialise in the provision and arrangement of low cost insurance facilities for business in the United Kingdom. Our range of services is availalable from our websites and directly from our offices.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whole Life Policy | Permanent Life Insurance

Discover how permanent or whole life insurance really works. Find the best life insurance companies and the best quote.

Need help finding some dental insurance....

I have been with out dental insurance for about 5 years now and I need to find a dental insurance plan.

California Long Term Care Insurance

Our website contains the most current data on california long term care insurance , with a complete compilation of informative articles and reviews.

Top 10 reasons to hire Insurance Writer

Top Ten Reasons to Hire Insurance Writer to Write Your Copy. Stop struggling to find the right words for your advertising. Redirect your energy into money-making activities. Have you ever known a “Nancy” who wasn’ta nice person?

anchorage health insurance

Er, some anchorage health insurance is much more free than one indecisive anchorage health insurance. Oh, that anchorage health insurance is far less brilliant than an mistaken anchorage health insurance.